Hello to all.

As the title suggests I’m back from my Holiday, rested and ready to go. I’ve come back to work with a full inbox and a load of important issues to sort out so I’m not sure how much time I’m going to get to trade.

While I was away my Meggit position stopped out. I moved my stop to break even before I left so I the trade didn’t lose me money. I could’ve made a bit had I gotten more chance to check my trades while I was away but it wasn’t meant to be. The main thing is I lost nothing.

My shanks position also stopped out while I was away for a £2.8 loss. I currently have 3 open positions in Cobham, F&C asset management and Luminar. Luminar is a momentum divergence buy and Cobham & F&C asset management are both super trend cross over trades. Cobham is short at 223.35 and F&C is long at 53.29. They are both showing a profit and following the super trend strategy both have some profit locked in with stops now set at 222 & 58 respectively. I’m leaving these open and moving the stops according to the super trend indicator so we will see how they progress over the coming weeks.

I may try and look for some new trades later, If I do I’ll post another update with details.

Thanks to “R” for the e-mail. I will try and fulfil your request sometime this week when I have more time.

I hope the markets have been kind to you while I was away.

Until next time
“May the markets be with you”
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September 6, 2010 by Harry
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