Finally found the cat. I went back to Bracknell at the weekend to continue my search for Kitty. I had a phone call around 2ish on Saturday from a veterinary nurse who though she seen a cat fitting kittys description wandering round near where she lived(which is just round the corner from where we used to live). So I rushed straight there and she was no where to be seen. I looked all round and still nothing. I was looking like it was another false alarm. I widened my search and ended up coming back to the same street where she was originally spotted only to see her sitting next to a car. I called her and she came running towards me straight away. She decided to pause for a minute and decided to sit in the middle of the road. Fortunately the passing cars saw her & me in the road and I managed to coax her out of the road. Now with kitty being a former stray she is still pretty untrusting of people. I tried to pick her up and failed, and as soon as she knows you want to pick her up she doesn’t want to know you. Fortunately she didn’t run off and stayed close to me. I decided to call the veterinary nurse to ask for help and she came straight from her house with a cage to put her in. She called kitty how went to her then she grabbed her, kitty tried to escape but she grabbed her tail and then her before she could escape. Then I went and got my car with my cat cage in and went to pick her up. Surprisingly she went straight into her cat box, which she usually hates, I assume she was just glad to be back somewhere familiar after four weeks two days of fending for herself. With us no longer living in the house she was used to I decided to take her to my parents. She’s been there before and would be in familiar surroundings before bringing her to the new house. She was a little thin so I took her to the vet the next day and other than hungry, thirsty and exhausted she was in good health.


So that’s why I’ve been unable to update for the last few days. Still with the cat now found and us almost settled in the new place I should start to have more time to update the blog and get back into the business of spread betting.


To be honest that’s about all I have for now. I did check today for any new trades which was the first time I have for a good few weeks. There were none that fit with my strategy so I’m playing the waiting game. I have been keeping half an eye on the FTSE over the last few weeks and it seems to still be all over the place. With no good trend in place I’m still looking for both long and shorts. It seems as if the FTSE bounced of the 5400 mark today which was the old resistance level of a few weeks ago. It would seem that resistance has now become support, the only question is how long will it last?


One thing I didn’t do in my last post was thank everyone for the comments and e-mails while I have been away (from blogging). It always means a lot to receive an e-mail or comment and it spurs me on to continue with developing the website and blogging along the way. There’s still more to come from Spread Betting so watch this space for future updates and developments.


Until next time,
“May the markets be with you!”
The Spread Betting Beginner

November 17, 2011 by Harry
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