Today is going to be a short and sweet post I’m afraid. With the markets recovering slightly after yesterdays falls my positions aren’t really following suit. The last time I checked they we’re all pretty much doing nothing, so not much to report on that front.


It would seem that there are a lot of very nervous investors/traders out there at the moment all willing to jump ship when bad news comes out and who can blame them really. The US and UK economies are both in pretty bad shape and don’t really look like improving anytime soon.


I’ve been doing some reading in my spare time(at work) of some new websites and came across This is an excellent website with a wealth of information about spread betting and trading.


I have read the creators (Andy) about me page and it’s very interesting to hear someone elses story on the path to success. He, “Andy”, seems to have spent a lot of time learning technical analysis, studying books, attending courses and seminars. To be honest I can identify a lot with what he says. I myself have been trying to teach myself via books, but really lack the financial capability to attend pricy seminars and courses. I have no doubt some of them could be very beneficial but at the moment I cannot justify the cost.


From what I can gather Andy has now passed into the successful spread bettor category and has found some success with his own trading, something I have yet to achieve. Anyway take a look at the site. I’ve also added it to the list of useful sights (Top Left of the page) so you read the site when ever you feel like it.


That’s about it from me for today. There will be no update tomorrow or at the weekend as I’m away on a Stagg do, I think it may be helpful to blow off some steam of the last few weeks/months of trading.


Anyway I hope you all have a good weekend.
“May the markets be with you”
Spread Betting Beginner

August 12, 2010 by Harry
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