Ok so I’ve finally started to develop my trading plan over at spread betting talk. It’s always interesting when I start to think about these things, you never realise exactly what you need to think about and write down until you actually get on and do it.


For instance I has nothing written down about what my financial goals were from trading. I just wanted to make money but I had no idea how much (the more the better obviously). Now I’ve put a minimum annual % return that I aim to achieve, while I strictly don’t like the idea of limiting myself to profit targets I think it’s a good idea to have one in place and let it run if need be. I’ve tried to generate a list of questions that I can form into a template for others to use and develop their own trading plan. If you do have any input or think I’ve missed something please do join in the conversation ondeveloping a trading plan.


Anyway I don’t want to cover everything I’ve just written again so go and read it at spread betting talk.


I don’t have much to report by way of trading as I’m not even looking for new trades until my trading plan is complete. I may paper trade for a while, I’m basically sick of losing money(who isn’t) and I’m trying to do something about it. As I mentioned before 2012 is the year of the spread betting beginner.


If you need a little light entertainment you can check out my latest articles on Finance news. These are Greece to leave the Euro in 2012? and UniCredit shares suspended after falling 9.9%. They are not meant to be uber serious news stories but more my spin on actual news stories of the day. If you want to have a go at writing one yourself do get in touch as it can easily be arranges. My view is, if you can read a news story and have an opinion on it then you can write for Finance News.


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The Spread Betting Beginner

January 4, 2012 by Harry
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