Another quiet day on the trading front. The most exciting thing that happened all day is Luminar stopped out. My stop was hit at 15p (no slippage this time) so I made a whopping £0 on the trade. Still better than a loss, and because the share is so cheap I’ve paid £0 in rolling charges the whole time it’s been open. So it was a scratched trade. Tomorrow is another day. More opportunities will come along.


Speaking of opportunities I had a phone call today from Alexander Stark of ENEQ investments. Basically trying to get me to invest in the stock that they believe is the next big thing. It could well be but If the guy thinks he can just phone me and expect me to be signing over a few grand of my hard earned £££s then he’s got another thing coming. The thing is he told me the name of the company they are tipping, so why would I bother to give him my money to invest and let them take their 3% cut of any profit I make. I’ve got it on my watch list with my spread betting company to see how it performs. It will be interesting to find out.


Oh in case you were wondering what the stock is I’ll tell you if I get two new members on the forum by tomorrow. Or Should I just tell you now? Ok I’ll tell you now but please do go and register on the forum if you haven’t already. I’m sure in the long run it will be well worth it.


The company they are tipping is Chesapeake Energy Corporation (CHK). I know what your thinking, never heard of them. Neither have I. They are a US energy based company. They basically find oil and Gas etc. Apparently Shell have recently acquired a 25% stake in them and another company have supposedly expressed interest in them, so they could be a take over target. To be honest what the guy said to me on the phone all makes perfect sense, and I can see why it could potentially be a good investment. The thing is when the guy is telling me all this it just sounds as if he’s reading his set list that he reads to everyone. He said he would call me back and I had over 10 missed calls in one hour which to me just makes him seem a little desperate to part me with my cash. I decided on the back of this to just ignore his calls from now on. If there’s one thing that I’ve learnt through spread betting for the last 18 months or so it’s that there is no such thing as a missed opportunity. There will be another opportunity that comes along tomorrow and who knows it could be even better.


That’s all from me today. It’s only left for me to thank Alan again for his forum posts. You see you come to spread betting for a blog from one spread betting beginner now you have two. Please show bigAl some encouragement, join the forum and post a comment on his trading diary.



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November 11, 2010 by Harry
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