With not that much to report on the trading front from yesterday I’m going to go slightly off the topic of trading and come back to todays action later.
I was speaking to a very good friend of mine last night. His name is Andrew Shipman. I met him through my Job seven years ago and he now lives in America. He has been a keen photographer for many years and has just recently started to sell some of his work. I only seen the images myself yesterday and I was massively impressed. So much so that I decided to include him in one of my blog posts. I don’t know how may of you have an interest in photography or art in general, but with Christmas not that far away a copy of one of his prints could make the ideal gift for a friend or relative. Most of his work is taken in and around San Francisco (Where he lives). Even if you are not looking to buy I’m sure if you take a look at his images you will be as impressed as I was. Just so you know I’m not advertising his work because I will make and commission on any sales etc. I’m merely doing a friend a favour and hopefully you a favour, if you are looking round for a nice print for yourself or for someone else.
Moving on to todays action. I made one new trade today in Northern foods. I brought at 47.04 with as stop set at 42. This is a super trend cross over buy and the price has potentially bounced of its support price and is showing early signs of starting a new upward trend. Hopefully the upward trend carries on but who knows. Anyway with only £5 at risk I think it’s worth it to find out.
That’s everything from me today. There’s still a few hours to go before the markets close so it’s too early to say if I’ll be moving my stops yet. I’ll let you know tomorrow if I do.

Until next time
“May the markets be with you”
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September 16, 2010 by Harry
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