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For some reason the comments on my blog have gone all screwy. The blog will not let me publish them via its moderation, and I tried to add a comment myself to include the comment left by someone else, and it seemed to work fine at first but then just removed the comment. Apparently Google are aware of the problem and have known about for 6 weeks or so, and are working on a fix.

So for now I am positng the comment from yetsreday as a new blog entry. It may be best if you e-mail me to avoid any comments getting lost unitl the problem is fixed. If you do post a comment an I don’t add it manually then it means I have never received it.

Anyway. Below is a comment that Tony Loton left ysterday.

Since you’re also into software development (well, you mentioned VB) you might be interested in what you can do with Yahoo! Pipes for extracting information from financial web sites etc.

It’s a bit old now, hence doesn’t work 100%, but I created a Yahoo! Pipe and embedded it in a web page to pull various sector charts from Yahoo! Finance and see them all in one place.

I then created a Trading Cockpit web page that shows the sector charts in one page and lets you click on any chart title — financial, property, etc. — to see related news in the other pane.

(only works in IE or Firefox, not Chrome)

You won’t be surprised to learn that I wrote a couple of books on doing this sort of thing…



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July 6, 2010 by Harry
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