Not too much to report on the trading front. 888 stopped out yesterday for an £0.08 loss. My new position in EAGA is about £5 in profit so fingers crossed for that one. Debenhams has slipped back slightly from it’s high of around 77. It would seem that Debenhams is pulling back a little from it’s recent upward swing. I have placed an order to buy in another £1 per point if the price re-traces to 70p. I’ve set a stop for this new order at 69p so it would be risking £2 of the £7 I already have locked in.


This potential pyramid is a new addition to my super trend strategy. If the price retraces within 3% of the stop out price then as long as the position is enough in profit I can pyramid the position. I think I may need to think more about how much the position should be in profit before attempting the pyramid. Maybe I am being too keep to pyramid again here, but I think it’s worth a try. The trade may not even execute as the price needs to fall 5 points or so before it does. I’ll keep you posted with what happens.


Thanks to Alan for his comments again the other day, and for posting on the forum. I certainly would be interested in reading his trading journal. I think the more shared experience the better.


It’s a short post today as I’ve been busy with work and will not get much time this evening either. If I get time I’ll have a look for some new trades later, but the way it’s going at the moment I doubt I’ll get the time. If I move my stops you can check out my open positions and see them there.


Until next time,
“May the markets be with you!”

Spread Betting Beginner

October 28, 2010 by Harry
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